Top Web Designing Agencies in Australia

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Top Web Designing Agencies in Australia – Are you looking for the best web design company Australia? In this article on WebHopers Australia, we will be going to tell you about the best web designing firms in Australia. All the companies will offer you several great web designs that satisfy the customer in the best possible ways.

Once you type in the web address and hit the ‘enter’ button, right from that particular moment, the design of your website gets tested. The first picture that catches the eye, and the first content that a person reads is all part of building masterpieces in a particular form of web design. You must all know that, the more simple the design showcases, the more potential it acquires to attract customers.

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Thus, hiring one of the best website designers is very important for the growth of a business. We understand this particular thing and therefore created a list of top web designing agencies in Australia. Before starting with these companies, you must know the importance of web designing in Australia.

Importance of Web Designing in Australia

Website Designing is essential, as it impacts how your visitors will understand your brand or business. The first impression you make on your audience will either make them stay on your web page and know more about your brand or business, or they will ultimately leave your page and move on to another related website. A good and innovative website design can help you to keep your visitors on your web page.

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Some of the great advantages of having a good web design are:

  • It sets the first good impression.
  • The website sets the impression for your customer support service.
  • It supports your SEO (search engine optimization) strategy.
  • The website builds a great amount of trust with your customers.
  • It creates consistency and makes your website stand out from others.

Best Web Designing Agencies Australia | Updated List

Here is the list of the top leading web designing companies in Australia that can completely change the look of your website.

Unified Infotech

It is an Award-winning IT firm that is working with several great international enterprises, startups, and SME’s as their solution partners for software development, mobile app development, and website development. With a great combination of design thinking approach, smart planning, and the latest cutting-edge technologies, they help their clients and customers to boost their business efficiency.

They will charge you around $25 to $49 per hour, for providing their effective web solutions. If you are looking for a reliable web designing and web development platform, then Unified Infotech will be a great choice.

Address: Sydney, Australia.


It is another leading UX/UI design agency Australia. Their main purpose is to create a simple and innovative experience through UX/UI design and branding. Their team includes:

  • Graphic and interaction designers
  • Expert-level business analysts

The team of professionals always put in a lot of effort to provide 100 percent customer satisfaction. You can schedule a brief call with the company to evaluate your business’s UX/UI potential. QubStudio will charge you around $50 to $99 per hour, for offering their creative and innovative web designing services.

Media Web

Media Web is an award-winning full-service Web design agency that is mainly specialized in website designing, customer support. They have experience of over 20 years and have built their reputation in the industry as an expert, dependable, and high-quality service provider. When it comes to creating high-quality websites on the WordPress platform.

By specializing, they have come up with the greatest and latest knowledge, resources, tools, and experience. When it comes to the platform they put in a lot of hard work. Their extraordinary services will cost you around $150 to $199 per hour, depending upon the type of service you choose.


It is an IT firm founded in 2009. Their team of highly skilled and trained professionals is always ready to offer advanced customized services according to the client’s budget. They also have an experienced customer support team that will assist you on every step. Offering resourceful information on every step of your project. Their wide area of professionalism allows them to implement innovative solutions using the latest cutting-edge technologies promptly. They have an extensive range of clients that mainly includes:

  • World Health Organization
  • Simba Sleep
  • Boston Consulting Group
  • Columbia University

GroupBWT helps several businesses to maximize their profits, minimize expenses, and achieve great success. Successful partnerships, multiple positive reviews, and a constantly growing clients list are providing them the strength and confidence to move forward.

Their main aim is to offer the unmatched support and highest level of service to SMBs in different industries through the implementation of intelligent workflows, development of customized solutions, and use of the latest technologies that are essential to achieve success in this competitive industry. Their innovative web designing solutions and services will cost you around $25 to $49 per hour.

Address: Sydney, Australia.

Next Big Technology (NBT)

NBT is a well-renowned Website and App development company founded in 2009. It always uses the latest cutting-edge technologies for mobile app and website development. As a web development firm, they know how to create apps and websites that use proper design and programming to create products that will scale.

The company has over 50 hard-working and dedicated employees that are always ready to create your visions into digital reality. Their customized web designing and development services will cost you around $25 per hour, depending upon the type of service you choose for your business.

Address: Sydney, Australia.


S-PRO is another best IT firm that has helped several startups in building creative products and empowering their existing businesses with their extraordinary services that offer customer-centric economy needs.

By partnering up with BCCS Cluster, Accelerators Founder Institute, and several others, they have helped their clients to achieve more competent advisory and business connections. They have more than 150 highly trained and skilled professionals that are putting in a lot of effort to meet the client’s requirements.

Address: Melbourne, Australia.

Important Faqs

Q 1.) How Much Does it Cost to Make a Website in Australia?

Ans 1.) The creation of a website in Australia depends on the requirements and features which you want to develop. But the average cost for designing varies from $5000 to $10000 normal website. But if you want to design eCommerce then the cost varies from $8500 to $20000.

Q2.) Which platform for website development is suited best for me?

Ans 2.) If you are looking for an informational website then WordPress Development is the best option for you. But if you want some online shopping websites then Magento, Laravel, Opencart, Shopify, etc are the best platforms.

Q3.) I Want to Create a Website on an Hourly basis. So what is the average hourly cost the designers in Australia take?

Ans 3.) Creating design and building the website can roughly take around $70 to $80.

Q4.) If I take web design & web development services then what are the inclusions I get in the proposal?

Ans 4.) The proposal for the companies varies. But in the standard proposal, you’ll get logo designing, website mock-up designing, and building a website through code. Domain, Hosting and email server charges are additional.

Q5.) Do I need to hire a freelancer or an agency for the website work? What do you suggest?

Ans 5.) As per us, the agencies are the best option for creating things. As the companies have the registered offices where you can visit. Also, they have multiple team members that can assist you in other services properly.

Q6.) I want to create a logo. How much time is required for the task?

Ans 6.) For logo creation, it may take around 10 to 30 hours for creating a creating logo that highlights the luxury brand look.


To increase your business’s online presence and reputation, website designing is one of the most essential parts. In this article, we have comprised the list of top web designing agencies in Australia, you can select the one that suits your budget, timeline, and specification.