Top Social Media Marketing Agencies in Australia

social media marketing agency australia

Top Social Media Marketing Agencies in Australia – Social media is one of those platforms that you can’t ignore, if you are operating a business in Australia, you might want to know about the top social media marketing agencies in Australia. As per the demand for online connectivity, marketing or promoting your brand or business on social media is important.

With millions of users online daily, social medias platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube provide businesses the opportunity to gather a responsive and enthusiastic audience. To assist you in your search, WebHopers Australia has created a list of the top social media marketing agencies in Australia. You can choose a service provider that suits your budget and meets all your business requirements.

Importance of SMM in Australia

Social platforms are open to all, providing businesses an opportunity to follow their potential buyers’ or consumers’ activities. This particular thing helps businesses to be more informed about their target audience, interests, likes, and dislikes so that they can come up with an amazing marketing strategy to attract consumers.

It allows business for customer feedback and immediate interaction. Businesses and brands can also respond to their consumers right away. According to a survey, 39 percent of medium-sized companies have used social platforms to promote their brand in Australia.

Best Social Media Marketing Agencies in Australia

Here is the list of best social media marketing agencies in Australia that can help you to promote your brand or business on a larger scale.

Megaphone Marketing

The company has a three-step approach to building the strategies that are needed to increase the ROI. Firstly, they assess the digital opportunity that could give your brand or business the best chance of staying relevant to the potential audience with an appealing offer. Then, they review your consumers and build a tailored message to increase the real results and to make sure that your brand is never seen negatively. It is an award-winning integrated communications firm established in South Yarra. They are specialized in several things like:

  • Developing creative content
  • SMM strategies
  • Optimizing online advertising all across Australia

After that, they increase growth by constantly evolving their digital campaigns. The company constantly tweaks audiences, creatives, and messaging, and suggests you some changes that can help you to increase your revenue. Along with Google Ads and email marketing, they provide LinkedIn support, Instagram advertising, and Facebook advertising.

Megaphone Marketing offers monthly contracts and a free-of-cost strategy session. Their hourly service rate is around $50 to $99 with a minimum project worth of $1000.

Attention Experts

It is another leading SMM agency that is serving numerous businesses all across Australia. They create both local and globally targeted social strategies, by keeping the return on investment in mind. The company mainly focuses on social campaigns that create social engagement, and social awareness, and increase inquiries, leads, and sales.

Also, they capture your engaged customers by creating a database of potential consumers for your brand or business. The major steps they take to build the best campaigns for your business are:

  • Alignment and analysis to make sure that they are working on your particular vision.
  • Build campaigns based on KPIs and brief.
  • Test to ensure that the campaigns are doing great.
  • Reporting to you, so that you know if your campaigns are on the right track.

Along with SMM, they also offer SMM consulting, SMM strategy, and content management services. They offer free consultation and monthly-based contracts for their clients. The average minimum project size is around $1000.


Farsiight is a leading growth agency in Wynnum that is providing SMM advertising strategies and services. They also have a great experience with e-commerce, SaaS, and other online marketplace businesses. The company also offer tested and tried strategies to deliver growth through some paid social marketing platforms like

  • Instagram
  • Facebook Ads
  • And Twitter.

They have a team of social advertising experts that are building custom campaigns based on the pain points of your potential customers. They use Videos, lead form ads, e-books, infographics, blog posts, and other materials to educate potential consumers about how your brand can solve their issues. Their hourly service rate can cost you around $25 to $49, depending upon the type of service you choose.

Coding Pro

Coding Pro is a fast-growing web development company in Melbourne. They are growth hacking experts that provide effective ideas and strategies to your business. Once they have an effective strategy in place, they move on to create. The company understands that the volume of content on social medias means your content has to stand out from others, deliver results, and help your business to grow.

After the content is created, the team analyzes the right time, mentions, and hashtags to make sure your brand has the maximum reach. They also take the time to understand the policies and algorithms of every SMM platform to protect clients from bans and other related restrictions. The services they offer will cost you around $25 to $49 per hour, and an average project size of $5000.

Emote Digital

Emote Digital is another leading digital marketing agency in Melbourne focused on increasing sales and results. They mainly offer social media advertising and SMM management services along with other managed services like SEO, search engine advertising, platform advertising, and content writing.

They are also specialized in other services like:

  • Email marketing
  • Photography and videos
  • Ad campaigns
  • Influencer and collaborations
  • Marketing automation

It is one of the best agencies that can build a great online presence for your brand or business. Their hourly rate can cost you around $150 to $199.

XEN Systems

XEN Systems is another digital marketing agency in Chatswood that offers strategic digital marketing consulting, implementation, and training for small to large enterprises. They are specialized in marketing automation strategy and implementation, with a specific focus on Hub Spot.

Their hourly rate ranges from $150 to $199, and a minimum project size of $5000. 

Important Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1.) How Much Does Social Media Management Costs in Australia?

Ans 1.) The cost for SMM in Australia starts from a minimum of $800 to a maximum of $3000 on monthly basis.

Q 2.) I want to market my business website on social platforms which platforms are suggested?

Ans 2.) Social platforms that you should have to market your product and services are

  • Firstly Facebook
  • Secondly Instagram
  • Thirdly LinkedIn
  • Fourthly Twitter etc.
Q 3.) Do I need to hire an SMM agency or can I do it by myself?

Ans 3.) Yes, definitely you need to hire an expert who knows all the policies of social platforms. The SMM experts provide you best of services that can generate your business through social media. But, if you have done the training in the field then you can manage it on your own.

Q 4.) What type of sharing that social Media agencies provide?

Ans 4.) The agencies provide you with banner-based sharing on social platforms. They’ll create and design the banners that’ll be shared on Facebook Instagram etc. The agencies also help in increasing the organic reach of posts and increase the page likes, followers, etc


Marketing is one of the essential things that a business has to do in order to reach more audience. SMM is great for doing such a thing. If you are looking for a reliable service provider, check the above-mentioned list of the top social media marketing agencies in Australia.