Top App Development Companies in Australia

App Development Companies in Australia

Top App Development Companies in Australia – Are you searching for the top mobile app developers Australia? Here is the list of best app developers in Australia with their detailed specifications. App creation is one of those sectors in Australia that plays an important role in the market economy. So, if you have a creative app idea, the best way to turn it into digital reality is by hiring a trained and skilled app developer that has a great track record.

The best app developers in Australia are capable of assisting several startups that are looking to introduce their brand in the form of an app, and well-renowned enterprises looking for implementation of technical strategy, product supervision, and ongoing support for a mobile product. With great professional assistance, businesses can use the latest technology to create their mobile app idea into existence. 

After thorough research, we have created a list of top app development agencies in Australia. All of these companies have showcased great caliber and have a gained great reputation in the industry by building apps with attractive design, interactive UI/UX, and great functionalities. You can choose a firm that can make your app idea into a successful app solution. 

Importance of App Development in Australia

Mobile app creations can help businesses to attract several potential customers and build great brand loyalty. Today, mobile apps engage consumers through personalized communication and offer great customer support service at customers’ fingertips. Also, mobile apps offer several great benefits like:

  • Value addition through loyalty and rewards program.
  • Enable you to have a better connection with consumers.
  • Mobile applications aid promotion and provide great support.
  • It helps to increase high engagement levels. 

Best Mobile App Development Companies in Australia

Here is the list of top app developers in Australia that can help to make your app dream into a successful digital reality. 


Established in 2009, OpenXcell is a leading & most reliable software and mobile app company, known for offering innovative software solutions and engaging mobile applications. Due to our unstoppable pursuit for operating newer technologies & innovations, they have evolved into a one-stop destination for providing end-to-end Business & Technology solutions.

We have made a great reputation in the technology industry by maintaining strict timelines and delivering projects. They are considered to be one of the most trusted and reliable partners by their clients as they follow a customer-oriented service model.

Some of the great facts about OpenXcell are:

  • The company is partnered with more than 750 entrepreneurs all across the globe.
  • Delivered 2000+ customized software solutions.
  • They use the latest techniques, technologies, and strategies to deliver robust solutions that generate revenue for their customers.
  • They have an agile approach and a result-driven methodology.
  • The company is affiliated with international associations like NASSCOM and IGDA.

This particular firm can be you’re your ideal software and app, creation partner. You can hire them to turn your ideas into a successful business solution. They will charge you around $25 per hour, for offering their app creation services.

Address: Dubbo, Australia.


Cubix is a leading mobile app, games, and software Development Company that is an expert in the development, customization, and integration of complex business solutions, business intelligence analytics, advanced web, and mobile solutions. With over 8 years of experience in this particular field, they have worked for clients that mainly include individuals, start-ups, and big organizations

Their team is continually improving and mastering industry progression like E-Learning, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, SaaS, Augmented Reality, Virtual reality, etc. Cubix skilled and trained development team has mastered all and is improving the mobile app industry. Their mobile app services will cost you around $25 to $49 per hour. 

Address: Sydney, Australia. 

Swenson He

Swenson He comprises a team of skilled and trained professionals that designs and creates custom mobile and web software solutions. As a full-service firm, they offer product guidance, technical strategy implementation, and ongoing support for several businesses and funded start-ups. 

They are consistently delivering superior results by focusing on the client’s success and keeping the user experience at the top. They mainly believe that robust mobile technology enhances lives in different meaningful ways. Their primary goal is that each one of their projects advances this cause. 

Their award-winning digital solutions have made them a top-rated company with expertise in Media & Entertainment, Fintech & E-commerce, Healthcare & Fitness, and the Internet of Things (IoT). The firm will charge you around $150 to $199 per hour, for their extraordinary mobile app services. 

Address: Melbourne, Australia. 


Established in 2015, Ads N Url is a well-renowned firm in the mobile app sector with clients all over India, the UK, the USA, & UAE. Since its inception, the company has worked on more than 500 projects in partnership with SMEs, Fortune 500 Enterprises, and progressive Start-Ups of varied verticals.

This award-winning mobile app development company attempts to provide workable, exciting, and holistic IT solutions through a combination of the latest cutting-edge technologies, deviating thinking, and a client-first approach. 

With a team of more than 200 professionals, Ads N Url uses the best of the latest technology to help increase the business efficiency of its clients. They will charge you around $25 per hour, for offering their app services. 

Address: Sydney, Australia.

Alphonic Network Solutions PVT LTD

Alphonic Network Solutions is a full-stack Mobile Apps and Web development company, founded in 2013. They are in this particular business for the past six years. With a team of 40+ skilled and enthusiastic employees working together, they have successfully delivered over 200 projects globally. Their products and services offerings include native Android app development, iOS development, and website development.

They work to deliver productivity in your business with effective communication, consulting, and interactive solutions. Following an Agile Work Approach, the company ensures that you get the ideal solutions at affordable expenses. This firm will charge you around $25 to $49 per hour, for offering their effective mobile app services.

Important FAQs on Mobile App Development Australia
Q1.) How much does it cost to create or build an app in Australia?

Ans 1.) The app development cost varies with technology. Like if you want a native app then the cost is different. If you want a hybrid app then the cost is different. Secondly, if you want only android or IOS then the cost is different. The cost for developing an app varies as per platform, requirements, etc. But on average in the Australian market, the app development prices range from $50,000 to $ 2,60,000.

Q 2.) Which technologies are suited best for developing a mobile app?

Ans 2.) For creating mobile apps you may choose

  • Flutter
  • React
  • Node.
  • AppMachine etc.
Q 3.) I have an eCommerce store what kind of app suitable for me?

Ans 3.) For an eCommerce store, you can go with flutter as this technology can give you android and IOS apps with good reliability.


Today, if you want your brand to be recognized globally, you must have an attractive website or a mobile app. For creating an innovative app, you will need a professional app developer in Australia that can turn your ideas into digital reality. So, you can choose a service provider from the list mentioned above, and help your business grow.